Augenzeugenbericht aus Istanbul

„we occupied taksim square, the gezi park and istiklal. Heavy fights in besiktas – police using huge amounts of gas and bullets. Some dead, many seriously injured. in taksim there’s great atmosphere. People from everywhere, of every age, everyone’s helping each other, music and dancing, peaceful (these people are no extremists!!!). This will go on! (Just not in the Turkish tv – great press…) Please show solidarity everywhere!“

„Situation of today: during the day it was fine, we were at Taksim, lots of people there, everyone was peaceful, music, everyone very, very friendly to each other, we shared food, drinks etc. At the moment there are heavy fights again in Besiktas, the police is using lots of heavy gas, people are seriously injured. Same situation in Ankara and Izmir: the police is violent! They attack people directly. They are killing people!!! They even throw teargas into hospitals! The Turkish media is still silent about everything, there’s only one little channel that covers it. We need attention. The world must know what is going on, please spread the word“

„we had to close our windows in ortaköy because apparently the police is using really heavy gas in besiktas“

„people in besiktas are great. they help each other as much as they can, open doors so that people can find a shelter“


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