Unsere Augenzeugin: Istanbul am 3. Juni

1. Eine Augenzeugin am 3.Juni 2013:

„Today: I couldn’t be so active today. In the morning I had an exam (the teacher was really great – she told us to write about the events of the last days) and then I needed a little rest at home. So I was in Taksim only around 7pm. It was quiet then, nice atmosphere in the park as usual, but then around 9pm there was a lot of gas. From then on the air was filled with gas, sometimes more, sometimes less. There are fights going on on the way between Taksim and Besiktas with massive use of tear gas by the police. Apparently one man was shot in Ankara today. Horrible.

At 9pm every evening people make a lot of noise from their windows and on the streets clapping and using pots and pans. They also switch on and of their light. Starting to do this in other cities outside Turkey as well would be a great sign of solidarity…
We’ll see what will happen tomorrow. But the people here are not giving up. They really want their voices to be heard!“

2. Deutsch-türkische Nachrichten


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